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A game about technology, magic and becoming a person.

Open Sorcery is text-based. It follows the development of an elemental firewall. A creature of magical fire bound by C++ code.

In this game you can:

  • Search for malicious spirits
  • Protect your network
  • Make friends
  • Burn everything
  • Learn
  • Dream
  • Become sapient

There are 40,000 words of text, five animated sequences, eighteen achievements to pursue, and eight possible endings.

Play the Sequel! Open Sorcery: Jingle BEL/S


Buy Now$3.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Open Sorcery.zip 62 MB
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Open Sorcery Linux.zip 42 MB

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Amazing, text-based game! The idea of mixing technology and magic is performed in such a great way, it is really able to make you empathise with BEL/s. And in addition to this, it's also funny. The only negative aspect: it's far too short for being this good!

Stumble on this page? If you have any interest in IF you should play this. Superbly written and the concept is executed far better than you'd imagine.

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I don't have the funds to spare at present, but I do appreciate the bold idea. Feel free to join Dream Jam if you are thinking about developing anything in this vein of a surreal nature, and do check out my own text-based game if you get the chance to. Keep it KLASS!CK.



Unable to launch the game on Arch running the AMDGPU driver on kernel 5.6. Works fine if I load index.html in my browser, but whatever wrapper is there to make it work natively doesn't seem to be keeping up.

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as sam beastie said go throught the local files for the game then run the index.html in your browser if it doesn't work I managed to play throught the whole game this way and it's great definitely worth the price but I received it free so that was awesome


Sadly, I'm getting the same crashes in the same places. It's so infuriating, because this game feels right up my alley. I don't dare try the Jingle one, to avoid spoilers.


Ditto, crashed during the intro very shortly after finding Toto. Windows 10.

Opened index.html in my browser and so far I've gotten past the part in the intro where it crashed. Hopefully I can just play it this way...

Experiencing the same bug on a Mac. Has crashed in the same places. The game is absolutely delightful and I would love to play through it without crashing!

strange happenings. shuts down at the exact same point, repeated 4x. wonderful game nonetheless, wish i could finish it haha


This is a fantastic game!

TL;DR: download Linux version and open index.html in your browser.

The game engine is pretty out-of-date; the game engine won't run on OSX Catalina and on linux you'll need (at least) these 32-bit libraries: libxrender, libgobject, glib, cairo, gtk2, nss, alsa, xcomposite, and gconf.

Note that gconf was deprecated 6+ years ago, so unless your linux system is 32-bit and at least 5 years out-of-date, it'll be very difficult to get it to run.

As a workaround (that seems to work for all platforms), since it's all html-based, it'll run just fine in the browser – download the Linux version (even if you're on Mac/Windows) and open index.html in your browser.

I've only tested with Firefox, but everything seems to work, including saving/restoring.

This worked for me.  It runs in both Safari and Chrome, but no sound in Safari.  They both save, but it looks like saves are tied to the browser, as they don't transfer between the two.

Still a great game, that hasn't changed. Also cheap AF.

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Norton put an Alart on it. And the game often shut down suddenly


uninstall norton, windows defender is actually stupidly good and mac has a lot of better alternatives. if you are using linux tho... why are you using linux to play games in the first place?!?

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Is Jingle BEL/S included, will be patched in later, or will it be a stand alone game on Itch?


Thanks for reminding me! I just published it as a stand alone game.

Now i know the game engine, i only have to assimilate your twine engine mlg master skillz


The game looks great but I see there is only a demo available here. Can you make the full game available here for PC? It is at Kongregate for 3.99 for PC. I would happily pay that for it here.


its on steam

Just grabbed it on Steam. thanks