Wake up darling.

The night has a necklace of stars and a dress of black velvet.

Let's rip its throat out.


First Night Last Night is a Dark Dating Game where three vampires introduce you to the World of Darkness. At the end of the night, you choose one to become your Sire.

The game includes:

  • Five completely different endings.
  • Innumerable subtly different endings.
  • Beautiful art from the Official V5 Art Pack.
  • Atmospheric music from Filmmusic.io
  • The ability to kiss or murder all three vampires.

First created as part of a Game Jam, this expanded version contains:

  • Fifteen achievement-based rewards.
  • Three unlockable epilogues.
  • The ability to hug Laurent.
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(21 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsDark, Meaningful Choices, Multiple Endings, Romance, Short, Singleplayer, Vampire


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shut uP laurent made me made me cry twice wth he's so sweet he's  so minee and you're so cool 4 this 😭

You're cool too! Laurent has also made me weepy. <3


i love vampires and getting bitten by them yayyyy :D

Heck yes.


Thank God the vampires respected my pronouns. I was afraid they'd be rude because they drain the life out of people and stuff.

Even monsters have some standards.


A beautifully in-depth VA. My expectations were low, in the kindest way of the phrase. Unassuming visuals, with no extravagant fonts. But boy, were those expectations blown out of the park. The characters have such depth to them, with different sides depending on the routes taken. I also much appreciate the protagonist having the options to resist, rather than be a helpless damsel/whatever the male equivalent in distress. Great replayability value, not only to see the countless different endings, but also to see the much diverse perspectives on the world, it's characters and it's story. It's baffled me just how differently one could see things about the story when played from a different perspective; and that's some wonderful writing.

Particularly, at first I was rather charmed by Martin and his exhstatic demeanor, not thinking that Angela was too bad, aside from maybe a tad cocky and over-confident. Sure, I got slight red flags about his cult, but surely, they seemed nice, right? Boy was I shaken when playing the game with more-so Lauren in mind. He turned out to be such a sweetheart, while Martin's cult was viewed through a much more cult-ish lens. While playing a route closer to Angela, if mostly out of curiosity, I was revolted(in a good way, it means the character presentation is very effective) at her controlling, stuck-up demeanor, manipulating situations to hurt other solely for the fun of it. 


Your compliments are precious to me because they are so well thought out and clearly born of experience with this medium. Thank you.

minor thing but it feels like the kill them all ending should be possible to complete by telling the hunters angela is in the trunk if laurent was killed in elysium and martin in the church.

other then that i will echo the prevailing sentiment that laurent is precious and must be protected (when not killed to see what happens anyway)

Logistically that makes sense--you're right.

Yeees. I also agree with prevailing sentiment.


Nice to see you again, Open Sorceries and various vampire games maker! I liked this a lot -- I'm always pleasantly surprised by how well you do intertwined pacing and complete stories. My first  playthrough (as of yet) had me thinking this was going to be a lot of introduction and exposition so when (rot13) V tbg Natryn xvyyrq ol gryyvat Znegva jub fur jnf punezvat naq gura gur inzcver uhagre jurer fur jnf V jnf yvxr JGS JNVG GUVATF NER UNCCRAVAT, NATRYN VF ABG FUBJVAT HC VA GUR PUBVPR, NNU (/rot13) I was very excited to see the consequences of my actions.

 I went with Martin as my first choice because they were best at describing their own powers, unlike Ms "Presence is the only thing that matters" Angela. And Laurent seems chill I guess, but I'm very excited to see what these weirdos do to me and he seems like too much of a bottom to really fuck me up. 

Some technical issues: This looks like a VN made on Unity, but having come from Ren'py VNs, I'm used to being able to press space to proceed, instead of press space to make the dialog box disappear and reappear, and only being able to use mouse click to proceed. The scroll to back up also is a bit fast; in Ren'py it only backs up a few frames, such as if I want to re-read something, instead of going all the way back really fast, so it was a bit difficult to get used to. More settings options for these would be nice.

Anyway, I'm going to buy this game in a few days and try to find all the things listed in the >amusing. (Putting that in a VN was a great choice for encouraging exploration, imo!)


Hehehe! They don't call me Abigail "Your Choices Matter" Corfman for nothing! (rot13)Gurl qba'g npghnyyl pnyy zr gung. OHG GURL FUBHYQ.(/rot13)

You have clocked Laurent perfectly.

Interesting. I'm using a utility to make a VN in Unity, so changing the fundamental way it works is probably going to be more difficult than it's worth for a small game like this. But if I make a bigger dating game, like I kind of want to, I'll keep that in mind.


Came back to say I've been replaying with the new epilogue DLCs and I'm still having a blast with this story and characters! There's a surprising amount of replayability; I still sometimes find myself making choices that lead me to new dialogue or options I hadn't seen before. The three new epilogues all have a distinct vibe. Without spoiling too much, personal highlights included:

- Pickpocketing my Toreador sugar mummy

- Telepathic swinging in the Chantry

- Finding out just what that forked tongue can do (¬‿¬ )

The little achievement related tidbits were nice too. I always like taking a peek behind the curtain and knowing more about the setting, what things were planned but didn't make the final cut, that sort of thing.

I'll honestly miss these characters (especially best boi Laurent and his pack of best bois)!

The revelation in the epilogues gives the story a very open ending. It stands perfectly on its own, but it made me wonder if you're planning on writing more in this setting? If so, I'm so here for it, and if not, I'm still really happy to have played your game. Thank you for sharing your work <3

(1 edit) (+1)

Ah! You bring me joy. Those are some my my favorite moments as well. (cackles)

I do like this world and characters and your observation is correct--I wrote them with the potential for continuing their stories if Paradox Interactive had taken an interest in them. But I don't think that's going to happen and working under the limitations of the Unbound license without support would be doing myself a disservice.

That being said, I am fond enough of Laurent that he's very likely to appear again in my work in another form. I've got a mailing list that only goes out when I make new games if that would be of interest to you.

Subscribed to the mailing list!

I forgot to mention in my first comment, but I found a little bug in Laurent's epilogue. When discussing his fears, there is an option (wait and listen, I think?) that currently leads nowhere.

Oooh! Thank you. I can fix that. (notes down)

Hi OpenSorceryGames,

I have been playing your games since Open Sorcery which also introduced me to twine. Your games were a large part of why I became a game developer myself and I look up to you a lot.

For three years now I have been an organizer on the Queer Games Bundle.


I wanted to personally invite you to submit anything you wanted to the bundle. I admire you a lot and I would be thrilled if you would consider participating in the bundle.


Hi! This is delightful. Thank you so much for contacting me.

I just submitted Open Sorcery. I fondly remember how one of my reviewers called it "accidentally homonormative" because I forgot to include any straight couples.

Good times.

Thank you so much!

I am sorry to make you could through some bureaucratic stuff but I can't find you on the google form.


Could you confirm if you filled out a form?

Done now!

I see your entry in the form now, thank you!

Such a joy replaying this and discovering the epilogues! Certainly some very interesting choices for changes in the “main” game, and overall story. On that note, calling the epilogues “mini” games seems a bit not doing them justice? There seems to be a lot there with all the options. Really love how they flesh out the characters even more. Absolutely delicious writing, as before.

Laurent of course is the sweetest and most precious and spending more, time with him is much much cherished. I would've paid just for a Laurent Hug DLC, because he deserves it.

Martin's epilogue had me squealing out with surprised glee though, such a sweet scene, and I absolutely did not expect that. It sounds like you're sharing your own passion, or did some very good research, please know the detail is being recognised and appreciated ^_^

Thanks a lot for your work, it will continue to live rent-free in my head :)

Oh goodness. Your words bring me such joy.

Thank you for liking Martin's section and I'm really glad it came across like that--I did SO much research on dancing. I love dancing but don't do it formally.

My characters are delighted with their condominium in your brain and appreciate the reasonable rates.

hii!! i loved your game i thought it was super cool and fun! <3 i just bought the expanded version to download for my mac but i was running into a bit of trouble! i'm able to get the game open, but gets stuck on the screen with the hourglass. do you maybe know of any fixes i can do to get it running? i deleted my old files just in case they were the issue but i was hoping there was something else i could try!

Thank you for letting me know! Let me see if I can fix that. This is my first time deploying executables from unity.

I've recompiled with some of the build settings changed and put up a new mac executable. Download and see if that helps?

Do you get stuck with the game loading (before the title screen) or when you start a new game? If it's the latter, be sure to give it at least thirty seconds. Start up is curiously slow on macs. (I suspect you're already doing this, but just in case)

Can you tell me the Operating System version you have on your mac? That might help.

Thank you so much for your reply!! <3 Of course, no problem!

The game launches then shows the unity, open sorcery, and dark pack logos, then stays on the screen with the hourglass on the bottom right without ever going to the title screen. 

I thought maybe my operating system was the issue bc it was old (macOS Catalina) but I updated it to a Monterey when you mentioned the system and I still can’t get it to work for some reason.  Do you maybe have any other ideas that might help? I’ve been looking into it myself but I’m not too tech savvy lol

Okay! So I found a few things. I'm sorry these aren't more precise--I can't recreate the problem so I can't test it myself.

My research implies that this issue MIGHT be related to Mac permissions--operating systems often don't running unidentified files. So you may be able to avoid it by downloading the https://itch.io/app and running it through that.

Another possible fix:

"I found that you can also left click on the game, select show package contents, go to contents folder>MacOS and left click open the terminal"

If that doesn't work, email me at beautiful.lightness@gmail.com and I will give you a secret way of solving this problem.

Hi again! Thank you so much for all of your help with this! I still haven't managed to make it work so I'll shoot you an email really quickly, but again thank you so much, I really appreciate you taking your time to help! <3

LAURENT IS MY LOVE FR (just betrayed him and became a hunter)

Yes. Yes, this is good drama. Well done, hunter.


This was so much fun to play and replay.  I loved all the characters, Martin is so sweet and excited to show off their cool vampire tricks! <3  Angela is the classic vamp, out for #1, lol.  Laurent was my fave though.  I would love to read more if you add to this, or write more in this world.


Thank you! I love them too. And I do feel a strong urge to write more of their stories.


I immensely enjoyed this. About to play Laurent's route for the third time. Took two times to get that kiss, but it was so sweet...

I would pay money for an epilogue DLC


YES. Thank you for that data. That is about how many times I want it to take to get to the kiss.

I have good news. I have already written Epilogue DLC for Laurent and Martin, and planned out Angela. I'm just waiting to hear the results so I know what form the final game will take.

I didn't know the epilogues came out!! This absolutely made my day.

This was great! Well written and I really enjoyed your characterizations of everyone. Also with great replayability, I'll have to play a few more times to get everything.

Thank you! I really wanted it to be replayable.

(2 edits)

Great great game, absolutely loved exploring all the different dialogue options! :) Really well written, thank you!

Also, if there's an award for sweetest vampire, I think this is a winner. 

Edit: After several replays I'm still not sure which route '(spoilers, idk?)' could be, but I sure have managed to break my own heart picking all the mean options, he doesn't deserve this. 

Ditto all the comments asking for more of the three of them btw :)

Thank you! I'm glad. :)


No! I loved Laurent but at the same time if this was me in that situation I'd want to escape and stay alive, but then I read the result for poor Laurent in that ending :( It makes me love him even more. Why can't there be an option for him to go with you? ;..; Outstar said it best...Nossies really are the most romanceable clan.


I agree with your impulse--I really like the escape ending because of the sense of dawn and freedom. I considered there being an option to run away with Laurent! But then I decided that was too happy for a Vampire the Masquerade game.

Yes. They ARE.

Laurent is too perfect, I love him. Though, all three of the potential sires are great in their own ways. I thoroughly enjoyed this one.

Thank you! I love him too.


You single handedly made me fall for a fictional vampire...congrats I will be dreaming of your creation tonight.

(I got laurent btw, he's the sweetest boi T-T)


Fantastic. This was my entire goal in making the game.

(He IS!)

I really liked the portrayal of a deeply dysfunctional court. The only thing I'd change about the gameplay was to make the end-of-game hints optional.

(1 edit)

Huh. I hadn't intended to make the court seem particularly dysfunctional. At least, not atypically for vampires, who do I think trend towards toxic and dysfunctional communities.

Ooh. Good call. Thank you!


A lot of it was in the Prince's exasperated insistence that someone take care of the task at hand without starting a fight or needing him to intervene. Makes it feel like plenty of both has happened before. This Prince had big "mommy has a headache" energy.


Ahahaha! YES HE DOES. Probably because he's an amalgam of a lot of Princes from VtM LARPs I've played. I really can't blame him for spending Elysium holed up in a back room when his entire court is made up of PCs.

i love this... i love laurent and i feel SO BAD about guilting him right at the end... really makes u think... who is the real monster... its me..... i need to try again to get a better end for him. poor dude.

also i love martin. i love them. i want to do cool blood magic sign me up for the cult baby!

i'm saving angela for the most simple reason: im gay.


The sad Laurent endings are there for a reason. Sad Nosferatu be sad!

Martin is totes worth joining a cult. Full agree.

Angela awaits you with baited breath.


I'm deeply in love with Laurent and want to take Martin to a nerdy date. What a fantastic job.

Now 'fess up, how do we kiss Martin? 

Are there any secret endings?

What's with the eggs? I eat the eggs, but does it make a difference?


You have great taste in vampires.

I implemented some vampire romance guides at the end to help you kiss them all, but for Martin in particular: choose 'correct' and sensible choices when you first meet, tell them about the Strange Woman, spend Elysium with them, do all the disciplines, and pick the classic Embrace format. That should get you there.

There are a number of secret endings! Some now have different music!

Whether or not you eat the eggs is the most important choice you make in the entire game. But no, it changes nothing mechanically.

Thank you! So... if I eat the cereal...

(1 edit)

Oh I loved this game! The characters were amazing, I fell in love with each one in their unique way. I still can't try murder them lol Angela, Martin and Laurent made me weak. (Laurent  deserves a lot of hugs btw)

You made a really good job, the game was fun from start to the end and made me wish more. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked them all--I tried to make each compelling in their own way. And not wanting to murder is a super valid choice.

(1 edit) (+2)

Hi! Other writer from the Kindred Spirits team here lol. I  loved playing this!!! Laurent was my absolute favorite, which ended up being my downfall in the end. (I was gonna do the [redacted for spoilers] but then I realized it would [redacted] him and I chickened out ;-;)

I also loved the list of suggestions at the end of things you can aim for to get different endings. Some of them I wouldn't have even thought were possible just from my playthrough, so now I'm tempted to replay a couple times! Very smart decision! - Megan

AH! If that's what I'm thinking of then that is a VERY sad ending and I completely agree with your decision.

Thank you! I love achievements as guidelines for play.

I replayed your game because I wanted to talk to Oorlag again--he's so creepy and stylish and I love the detail that he paints. He'd make Laurent SO nervous. Laurent would be like: "There's going to be a book with a mysterious message that I don't understand that's also a reference that I also don't understand. And when he talks to me and *realizes* I didn't solve the puzzle or get the reference he's going to be disappointed, and disappointed elders are terrifying. Maybe I can run to Martin and get them to explain it to me."


Laurent my love…-Liam


He loves you too. <3


What a great game. A little bit of Angela - confident in its presence, seductive and commanding, a little bit like Martin - genuinely enthusiastic and fascinated with the complex intricacies of its weavings, and definitely a little bit like Laurent - soft and gentle, quiet, kind and somewhat sad. Great story, great characters, and great choices to make. Great stuff!

Really enjoyed this game! I'll probably be playing through all the jam entries and if this is any indication I think I'm in for a great time. I went the Laurent route (bleeding heart Nosferatus tend to be my type) but I'll definitively be replaying to see what the other two are up to.

One thing though - the settings menu has volume options but when I played there was absolutely no sound, music or otherwise. Was this intentional?

Thank you! Bleeding heart Nossies are also my type, but I suppose that's obvious. :)

Yeah--I'm new to this framework and didn't have time to figure out how to remove the music controls without removing settings entirely. I want to have music eventually. Maybe I'll solve this problem by rushing to find some appropriate royalty free jams in the next...um...one day and twenty hours.


I'm glad you've found the time to add music to the game - it really does enrich the experience! Expanding the suggestion list towards the end was really well thought too; there's a number of things there I hadn't tried and probably wouldn't have thought to do. Stringing Angela along only to choose Laurent in the end was fun >:D . Poor fledging will need to watch their back the coming nights...

Again, this was a really fun game, and from the looks of it I'm not the only one who thinks so. Congratulations!